Heavy Hitters Hawaiian Dream 1g (CBD/THC) 3:1 Cartridge Cartridges 510 Thread

Hawaiian Dream 1g (CBD/THC) 3:1 Cartridge

Heavy Hitters

CBD High
THC 209mg
CBD 601.3mg

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Heavy Hitters
CBD High
Description: Heavy Hitters' Hawaiian Dream is a 3:1 CBD blend with sweet, pineapple cake undertones. Strain Type: CBD Rich Feels Like: A soft, calm body high Good For: Chillin, yoga, getting a massage Lineage: Blue Dream crossed with Maui Wowie Effect category: Calm, Creative, Focused, Relaxed Ultra pure, ultra potent. Heavy Hitters is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% Cannabinoids.