Khalifa Kush Violet Sky Flower Hybrid

Violet Sky

Khalifa Kush

THC 28.07%
CBD 0.09mg

Available Weights



Khalifa Kush
In early 2021, our pursuit began: to create a remarkably different purple strain within the Khalifa Kush lineage. After a meticulous selection process, VIOLET SKY emerged in late 2022 as the embodiment of our vision and the much anticipated third addition to the Khalifa Kush lineup. A powerful and enchanting strain that provides a potent high, offering both euphoria and deep relaxation. It is a unique combination of the ever-popular and well-known Khalifa Mints and GastroPop strains, resulting in an extraordinary experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The mesmerizing dark purple buds, covered in abundant trichomes and vibrant orange hairs, make it visually stunning. With a captivating terpene profile featuring myrcene, limonene, b-ocimene, and more, VIOLET SKY offers a symphony of flavors and a complex, pungent aroma. Its delightful blend of fruit, citrus, and herbal notes creates a sensory delight. Hand-selected by Wiz to deliver unrivaled enjoyment, it represents the pinnacle of cannabis artistry — from its exceptional high, to its stunning appearance, and mouthwatering aroma. Prepare to exceed your wildest expectations with Khalifa Kush’s VIOLET SKY, the highest you can get to touching the sky.